3 Perversely Effective SEO tactics

Discussion in 'SEO and Marketing' started by BatonTwirler, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. BatonTwirler

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    I should be upfront about the fact that I'm not an SEO expert by any means and have only been in this industry for 8 months. Some of you who are more experienced may see serious flaws in these tactics, but they have historically worked for me.


    1. Internal Link Automation

    Identify high-authority web 2.0's that allow a do-follow profile link. Next, make sure that links pointing back to your profile arising from participation actions (e.g., comments, likes, favorites, tags, etc) are also followed. Bonus points if your profile allows ample room to add content. Behance.net is a great example of such a site that meets these criteria. Another example is linkedIn.

    To try this out, create a Behance.net profile, and fill it out completely. Add unique content to your profile About me section and all the other profile fields that will accept content. If you stop here, your profile backlink will be nearly worthless, because it's an orphan page.

    Instead of spending time participating on Behance.net, create an imacro that will perform actions (like favoriting) that generate internal backlinks to your profile. Once you've generated a few internal backlinks on autopilot, your profile page will inherit high page authority on an already high authority domain.

    2. The Bait-and-Switch

    I love this tactic because it is pretty fool proof, though a little labor intensive.

    You're probably all familiar with backlinko's suggestion to elicit .edu backlinks from resource pages in your niche.
    I've tried this, and have always had a very low response rate (like 2% low).

    Let me tell you about my modified version of this strategy, called the bait-and-switch. This only works for a new website. I'm in the health niche and also have a medical background, so went over to PubMed.gov to find primary sources on my topic. I did this at a library, so that I'd have access to pay-walled content that would have no risk of being flagged as duplicate content by Google (because the spiders can't see it). If you're not in the health niche, find journal articles or extremely authoritative content about your niche that would be impressive to a professor of that subject.

    After running relevant journal articles on my topic through an article spinner, I made a few major edits and then bought a few Fiverr gigs to edit the rest and make the spun articles look natural. Once the content was readable, I added it to my academic-caliber health website that I just created.

    I've been been to university so I have an .edu email address which helps when contacting professors. I used ninja outreach / pitchbox (both on free trial) to reach out to tons of resource pages curated by professors on my topic. All outreach emails to professors were sent from my .edu, school email address, and requested a backlink to my new academic resource on the health topic. Bonus if points if you use the LinkMiner chrome extension to find some broken links.

    The overall strategy here is to first create an academic-caliber website that is devoid of any commercial element. Once you've acquired backlinks, you can then change the content so that it matches your marketing strategy. If you already have a website that you need to promote, you can always create a new secondary website and redirect it to your money site once all the .edu backlinks have been acquired.

    3. The Astroturfing Private Blog Network (PBN)

    Let's say you've got a new website marketing a product X, but your website has no search visibility because it's new. Maybe you're in a niche where it is damn hard to elicit authoritative backlinks (like gambling or porn). Instead of trying to rank your money site, I've make the conscious decision to rank forum posts on authoritative domains that link to my money site. Think of this as creating a PBN around a few key forum posts rather than your money site.

    1. Make a list of major forums in your niche, and buy a fiverr gig to have someone create accounts on these forums and add a profile picture.
    2. Buy other fiverr gigs to have someone post on each forum account.
    3. After each account has 15+ posts, you can begin your subtle and convincing astroturfing campaign
    4. Generate as many backlinks to these forum posts that link to your money site
    5. Watch forum posts quickly rank #1 for your keyword
  2. Paul

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    Dec 15, 2015
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    I tip my hat to you sir. You have a great future in SEO if you came up yourself with these strategies (or modified strategies) AND executed them after only working in SEO for 8 months. These 3 tips I'm hearing for the first time in this form. Really well done.
  3. cardine

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    Really awesome guide - all three of these tactics are very clever and outside of the box.

    For the astroturfing PBN I've seen this done several times extremely well. In general niche related authority forums make great parasites - often times better than the big parasites like Twitter or Facebook. They are very authoritative, they are already niche focused, and they have a lot of natural interlinking.

    For instance in a niche that I'm very familiar with (SEO tools) a very large number of SEO tools have forum sales threads ranking in the top 10 for their SEO tool and any other "[tool] review" type keywords.
  4. nanexo

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    #3 is more easily done with a VA as im doing myself but works absolutely great
    #2 is a very nice srategy I will be tasting :) the .edu email handle twist makes this good