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    YouTube - the largest online video hosting channel in the world today, the second largest social network behind Facebook and a great search engine is just behind the giant Google. That is the reason why placing YouTube ads from businesses has become frantic in recent years

    Did you know in Vietnam, YouTube has more than 35 million users, the average time to watch YouTube is 45 minutes / day (top 10 in the world and top 5 in Asia). More specifically, YouTube is the second largest "TV channel" after VTV3. According to statistics from the recent youtube viewership survey, 40% of respondents aged 16-24 watched online videos on YouTube and even did not watch television anymore, because of the hottest programs on television. can review. And of course, the number of viewers on youtube is much higher than watching on television With cheap cost and large number of viewers, there is no reason that in recent years, instead of advertising on television, with superiority, advertising videos on YouTube are becoming the top choice of businesses .

    90 - 100% of YouTube ads SEE

    According to the psychological tendency of people, when we turn on the television to watch a certain program, we often don't have a certain concentration and often leave it and do other things, but with watching youtube, people tend to more proactive and focused so ads are easier to see

    Not just View, but TRUE VIEW
    Advertising on youtube has another benefit for businesses without any form of advertising. You only have to pay when users see 30 seconds of advertising or watch the video. Viewers can actively ignore ads after 5 seconds if not appropriate, and you do not lose money for this, meaning your brand will be promoted for free when users "ignore ads" - when "Seen" for at least 5 seconds.

    Right object
    You want to reach women or men, who are married or single, at what age, where do you live, what interests do you have, what are you interested in ... YouTube can help You target receiving advertising 1 way EXACTLY. Every dollar you spend on YouTube advertising will use up its value.
    Diverse devices (mobile, computer, tablet)
    Thanks to the display device option, YouTube ads can reach potential customers anytime, anywhere, whether they're on the road or at home, in school or work, in the bedroom or bathroom, ...

    High ability to concentrate and remember
    Because users actively choose videos and choose to watch ads, the ability to remember will be higher. People will remember what they do themselves. When watching YouTube, users are often focused and less distracted by other media channels, so their ability to focus on advertising is higher.

    Frequency display limit
    High advertising with dense frequency not only causes loss of business image in the eyes of customers but also reports spam. However with youtube ads you can limit the maximum number of ad impressions for each user audience (for example, limit each person to seeing ads only 5 times / week). Thus, your ad will not appear too dense but will share more for many objects, thereby increasing the size, reach of advertising, reducing the possibility of advertising spam annoying for user.

    High investment efficiency MULTIPLE TIME
    With 300 million, you can buy 1 shot of TVC 30 seconds on VTV3, collect 4,000,000 impressions, in which the appropriate audience accounts for 5%, ie 200,000 potential impressions. Meanwhile, with YouTube advertising, investing 300 million, you can collect at least 600,000 views (see 30 seconds after all), + 500,000 views for free when viewers turn off ads soon + at least 5,000,000 times display. 100% are from customers who can buy or use the product. Too effective, right?

    Suitable for all advertising goals
    - Brand promotion

    Bringing its brand to tens of millions of Vietnamese users, especially young customers (16-30 years old)

    - Create interactive, online conversions

    Users can interact immediately with your ads (like, share, comment, go to the website, register, purchase ...), something that traditional TVC ads cannot do.

    - Maintain and take care of customers

    Thanks to technology, YouTube helps you KNOW and STORE the most potential customers, who are watching your channel, have watched the promotional videos, have visited the website, registered information, purchased each item ... Owning these valuable customer data, you can plan to take care and retain customers effectively by re-marketing (remarketing).


    Suitable for all business sizes and all advertising budget levels
    You can start your video ad campaign on YouTube at any budget level.

    Unlimited video length
    Unlike TV ads, YouTube ads do not limit the length of your promotional videos.

    Diversity in genre and content
    Unlike television advertising, content is often controlled very closely before airing, with YouTube advertising, you can create a variety of content, different types of videos, suitable for brand personality and marketing goals.

    Flexible, less risky
    Actively choose run time without having to pre-book like TV ads. Activate ads IMMEDIATELY without waiting. Stop or adjust target ads IMMEDIATELY when needed.

    Brand Safety (Brand Safe)
    YouTube has more than 3000 reputable content partners in the world in many different fields. You can actively select the content to display ads as you like.

    Deep measurement
    Not only is it fast and accurate, YouTube's reporting system provides a lot and full of in-depth data about the results of advertising campaigns with YouTube analytics.

    With outstanding advantages, it can be affirmed: video ads in general and YouTube Ads in particular will become the most developed marketing trend in the near future. However, the implementation of YouTube advertising is quite new and quite complicated, find an experienced advertising partner to be consulted in the most effective way. Gcop is ready to be a reliable partner and partner in the Youtube ads field, with the experience of leading marketing experts with enthusiastic advice and creative work of energetic and experienced young people Experience will surely create success for your business. For further information, please contact us


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    Yes, advertising on YouTube is the best marketing you can do it to start any business.At YouTube, there are number of options which would definitely help you to reach out to right customers. You can target them according to age, gender, location, interests and more. YouTube Video Promotion is the best way in which a product can be easily exhibited across the whole world.