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    You know the book I'm talking about? (EDIT: its Trust me I'm lying not Believe me I'm lying :-/ whoops).

    This IamA ( ) has been deleted but below was what the OP said.

    Obviously, she got outted by Ferazu as being a cam girl before the filming. The very emotional post was done to promote GDP. It made it to the front page of reddit.

    The key here is sympathy and the idea that young, naive girls are being tricked into porn and that someone (the reader) should stop it! LOL joke's on them.

    ... and GDP is doing it again! Check out . There is more coverage of the story on the web but, I checked on LexisNexis and didn't find any documentation for the lawsuit. No news story lists the docket number either. Its the same story, just in a different publication and a different girl(s).

    Wanna know how its BS? No sane businessman would pay for a flight and hotel room upfront before any agreements are made -_- That's a great way to lose $x in the even the model refuses to do porn -_-

    Look at the comments to the SD Reader story. People are really buying it, sharing it, and (inadvertently) promoting it.

    Great work GDP!

    So, lets recap what happened: there's a social notion that girls are being exploited by the adult industry (a little bit true too) and the company is profiting from it by making up exploitation stories for publicity. The coverage states the company's name, their offer (18-22 year old girls in porn films), and where to buy the product.

    ==IamA Post==

    Hi. My name is 276. My post on the girlsdoporn subreddit got deleted so I've decided to open up for questions.

    Before GDP, I was a normal college freshman. Even more than that, I had passion and dreams and a whole life ahead of me. My near-perfect ACT score landed me a scholarship worth $44,000 to Columbia. I’d always wanted to pursue production design in film, and now I could. I moved 1,000 miles from home and chased after my dream. I had it all.

    Going to art school, I began to model for a lot of fellow students and friends. I started answering modeling ads on craigslist for some extra cash, because even with my scholarship, my schooling and living expenses downtown were extremely, extremely expensive. I never wanted to be a model, it was just convenient because jobs were hard to come by in the city, especially without a car.

    One day, I answered an ad for “” and after that, my life would never the same. From the minute Johnathan contacted me, I was lied to repeatedly, manipulated, and coerced into filming. A fake website, fake references from “past models”, the entire premise is a lie. They don’t have to convince you to shoot an adult film, they just have to convince you to fly to California and they’ve already won. They email you plane tickets and hotel reservations worth over a $1000, and then they get you excited to be in California (I’d never been) and to be on the beach, and go shopping, and you don’t even stop to think that maybe this isn’t just a modeling gig after all. And once you get there, you’re done. He’ll convince you that no one will ever see it, it’s for Australia/foreign markets only, it’s only released on DVDs, etc. I knew nothing about the industry before this, how was I to know I was being naive? If you refuse, they tell you you’ll have to reimburse them for the flight/hotels. You’re all alone, surrounded by people you don’t know, and you only have one choice.

    So maybe you thought that this will all be okay. No one will ever know, right? And then you can go home and pretend it never happened. Dre will offer to smoke with you, Johnathan will offer you a drink, before you know it, they’ve got cameras out and they’re recording you. They read you lines.

    “I am not under the influence and I consent to the filming..”

    They’re pulling out contracts. They don’t give you time to read them. “Begin Modeling” is written at the top. Why? This isn’t modeling at all! They give you a little script for your pre-interview. They tell you exactly what to say if you won’t say what they want you to. It’s all fake.

    They are extremely smart. And extremely manipulative.

    I don’t remember filming. It’s been awhile, so it only comes in flashes. Think of the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done. That feeling doesn’t go away, does it?

    I cry at one point. They switch angles so you can’t see my face.

    I start to bleed. They switch again, and then abandon the sex all together.

    “Do you know what a facial is?” I didn’t.

    They throw this money at you, and you’re free to go. You don’t tell anyone what happened, not the police, not your friends, not your family, because what if everyone found out? You made that choice to go to California, didn’t you? So you bury it and pretend it never happened, and as far as you know, you’ll never hear about it again.

    Months passed before I heard anything about the video. I remember getting ready to go to a concert one night. I got out of the shower and had over a 100 text messages and missed calls on my phone, and that’s when I knew. Someone found out. I would have never consented to having a video of me on pornhub, ever. And yet there I was, exposed on front page, the most popular porn site on the internet. For three days my video stayed on the front page. In the process, I dropped out of school. I was in a small program, and reputation was everything. The stress of knowing people know, wondering who doesn’t know, and hiding piled up and eventually everything fell apart. I dropped out and moved back home. Everyone from my high school knew. I was harassed 24/7 by old classmates, strangers on the internet, even a few customers from my job recognized me. That’s when I would lose my first job because of GDP. Three more would follow. Each time I would attempt to reinvent myself - new hair, new city, it didn’t matter. The video would always follow. Millions of people have watched it.

    I was blackmailed into staying in an abusive relationship because my ex threatened to send the link to my family and siblings if I ever left him. And when I finally did find the strength to leave, he actually did it. He would wake my mom up at 3, 4, 5 AM with screenshots. He sent them to my 17 year old step brother. I found out my childhood best friend was sending the link out to people from school. I’ve gone on several dates just to be left when I told them the truth. It was a double standard - if they didn’t care, it would bother me because they should care. And if they did care, they usually left because who would want to be with someone all of their friends had seen naked? I’ve lost so many people in my life in one way or another from the video.

    My name was “outed” on the internet. They knew everything. Stalkers would post my full name, my phone number, my social media accounts - and even my address, driver’s license number, make/model of my car, and license plate number. I was terrified someone would try and find me. I got messages almost daily from random creeps, and a lot of them were extremely persistent. My friends, family members, and boyfriend also get messages.

    I never watched the video, only pieces and screenshots people have sent to me to torment me. I am disgusted with myself. I flinch whenever someone brings up porn, even if it’s not about me. I get spooked easily because I’m so terrified of men now. I think everyone that looks at me weird recognizes me. I became obsessed with destroying my identity, taking off and starting over. Changing my name, my appearance, everything. Moving across the country - or to a whole new one altogether. I fear I’ll spend my entire life running away if I don’t. Some people have told me I’m one of the strongest people they know.

    But I am exhausted. I am tired of having to be strong. I wouldn’t wish my life on my worst enemy. I am not posting this here for the “fans” of GDP and this forum, but for the girls. I know most of them will probably read this at some point. I’m tired of thinking that no one knows what I’m going through, and today I realized there are probably close to three hundred girls that do. Three hundred lives ruined. I start to wonder if they are all still alive, as morbid as that seems, I know I’ve thought of suicide too many times to count. GDP has destroyed me. I want to do everything in my power to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Even if I can just save one life, this exposure will all be worth it.

    So, here’s to the girls of GDP:

    Are you out there? Are you well? Did you make it this far, too? Are you all just as strong as I’ve had to be? If you’re scared, just know that you’re not alone. I’m here.

    I desperately want to know you all.

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    Thank you so much for let us know about this news. I am going to take a look on it. lol