Goals for January 2017

Discussion in 'Apex Lounge' started by Bender Bending Rodríguez, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. Bender Bending Rodríguez

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    Mar 10, 2016
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    See: http://www.apexforum.com/threads/goals-for-december-2016.1407/

    I have 9 projects for myself:
    1. SaaS - Switch out the client plugin to the open source one, integrate an affiliate system, build links, and promote the SaaS.
    2. Personal PBN - Find the remaining 17 sites, install the PBN management software, and begin using it.
    3. Adult Streaming Site - Figure out how to source content for this and build the site.
    4. Build directory links to the case study site and make a push for "Widget" (I'm at #6 for the keyword) as well as add 3 more landing pages to the site.
    5. Configure the tool for the VA by hand. This takes 1 week.
    6. Identify the keywords for the 81 sites and setup their hosting accounts.
    7. Expand non-adult toy site (haven't identified the keywords yet)
    8. Add auto-update to wp-core for all sites that don't have them (... 40?)
    9. File 2016 Taxes
    The Adult Streaming site is harder than I thought. It's basically a Wordpress blog w/ streaming videos but, the thing is, scraping xVideos or whatever for videos results in tons of low quality videos that are wrongly categorized. I *might* have to go through each video by hand and then update the site every two weeks with new content.

    For clients, I have 8 projects. Here they are:
    1. Plan 2017 goals for client (I'm in charge of SEO for their sites so I have to plan their SEO goals)
    2. Finish the micro-site operation and send job order to designer, developer, assistant, and myself.
    3. Finish the second tier city operation.
    4. Finish the blogger outreach operation.
    5. Do run 2 and 3 of the HARO operation and write the content calendar and operation.
    6. Buy links w/ this month's link building fund.
    7. Build the client's PBN - I have 55 more domains to find.
    8. Write operation for real estate client, bill him for it, and execute it.
    Here's the execution:

    ==Week 1==
    • Plan 2017 goals for client - 4hrs
    • Create microsite operation - 8 hours + phone call
    • Keyword identification for 84 micro sites - 2 days
    • Outsourcable directory links - 30 minutes
    • Tool configuration - 2 days
    • Operation for dude - 6 hours + phone call
    • Client PBN - intermittently
    ==Week 2==
    • HARO run 2 - 1 hr
    • 2nd tier city operation - 4 hrs
    • Awards operation - 4 hours
    • personal PBN - intermittently
    • SaaS setup - 2 days
    • Site setup for 84 sites - 1 day
    ==Week 3==
    • Setup adult streaming site - 2 days
    • Expand non-adult toy site - 4 hours (who is gonna do the writing?)
    • Paid directories - 2 hours
    • SaaS Promotion - 2 days
    ==Week 4==
    • Buy links for client - 2 hours (basically all directories)
    • add auto-update to WP sites - 4 hours
    • HARO run 3 - 1 hr
    • Update books and do taxes - 1 day
    • SaaS promotion round 2 - 2 days
    ==Week 5==
    • Bill client
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  2. propipper

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    Jan 13, 2016
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    For my new service:

    • Get approved by billing/credit card processing company (in process)
    • Start backlinking campaign to gain some organic traffic
    • Reaching out to influencers and affiliates to help promote my site
    • I can do this service by myself or hire freelancers to do the majority of the work. This is more specialized that Fiverr gigs so the monthly costs are much higher. My goal for the first month is to get enough sales to cover the costs.
  3. cardine

    cardine Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 9, 2015
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    January Goals:
    • Finish all WordAi Version 4 coding so that all that's left is for our AI algorithms to finish teaching themselves - more specifically we now have a target release month of February so this month will be extra important for this
    • Get a basic working alpha for the SEO Marketplace - we've been a little slower than I was hoping with this as the Rails team has been moving to React and there has been a little bit of a learning curve - but we're starting to move at a faster pace now
    • Get new marketing/growth team all up and running - this specifically should help move forward some of the backlogged things from the last couple of months
    • Finalize all hires for everyone joining in next 6 months (5-7 total people)... which will be potentially double our current size!
    I'll be posting my 2017 goals in this thread in a week once I have completely ironed out what I want them to be. I have a great list right now but I want to wait to get my final accounting books and have a week to think it over before I write it out in stone.
  4. emp

    emp Senior Member

    Dec 15, 2015
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    January has 3 weeks left (including this one)


    • Secure the education course, best would be in Hamburg or another cool city. The price difference to Switzerland might actually make this possible.
    • Get a good start (not a SMART goal, eh)

    Freelance / IM
    • 3 articles for the stomach balloon site
    • 10 articles + for games site
    • Python foundations (data types, control structures)

    • 6+ gym visits

  5. propipper

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    Jan 13, 2016
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    With roughly 20 days left:

    • Finally close a pretty big sale I've been working on since October of last year (offline business)
    • Get going on influencer, affiliate and seller outreach for business and new service launched in December. Goal: 5 total (already have 1 in the bag I believe - working on that now).
    • Complete instructions for VA to start helping with manual research for SEO, marketing, sales, etc.