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Discussion in 'Case Studies and Journals' started by returntrip, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. returntrip

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    I've always done churn and burns. I think I never really wanted to commit, build something worthwhile and actually provide some entertainment/valuable information for people I was getting my sites in front of.

    I've been working on building a health authority site (lol, I know right). It's a niche that I've always been drawn to. I know there's lots of competition but I've found some keywords that are pretty low comp and high traffic. Looking to grow something into more than the flavor of the week.

    So far I've:
    • Set up a DigitalOcean droplet/Cloudflare.
    • Running WP with a premium theme.
    • Set up analytics and tweaked page speed insights to 90/100
    • Set up a bunch of social accounts and used dzianis Ranking a site without original content IFTTT ideas. (thank you!)
    • Researched competitors in my space with this SemRush Coupon for 14-day free trial (not an aff link)
    • Made an order for a few articles to drip in.
    • Added some widgets and plugins to make the site feel more alive. (Flow Flow, quote rotator)
    • Built up a Pinterest account big time. Building a nice board with quality content. Adding my own pins with optimized images for Pinterest.
    • Started a Facebook promotion campaign for an individual post and the FB page. After one day, I'm at 40 shares/33 likes for the individual post and 13 likes for the Facebook page (CTA kinda sucks on this one, just testing).
    • Set up Mailchimp/Optin Monster to gain as many leads as possible. 0 signups. :(
    For now, I'm just waiting for more content so I can really start looking for good traffic leaks and try to get some manual links from other sites.

    I've got a lot of ideas for content but probably can't afford what I need to do so I'll be looking at outsourcing lots of long articles to schedule and drip out over the course of two months and create an editorial calendar to write shorter informative articles that I can use to create a solid interlinking structure.

    As of right now, my analytics are pretty low but will hopefully pick up as I add more content.

    Does anyone have any ideas/techniques for safe link building?

    If you have any questions, I'll be over here...
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    Dec 9, 2015
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    Looking forward to following the case study - I'm excited to see how the authority site unfolds, and I think that a journal like this is one of the best ways to help hold yourself accountable :)

    Parasites are very safe, considering you would expect them to link back to your main site anyways.

    High quality niche specific PBNs run by you internally are usually very safe, although they take some time and effort to make sure they are actually high quality.

    You could also always go with manual blog comments on bigger niche relevant blogs.

    I'm not sure about the SEO benefits of either of these, but you could also try to find places where you can naturally use your blog as a source for a post on a related forum or on a related subreddit.

    The good thing about a lot of these "safer" ways is that they also have the added benefit of being links that people will actually click on.
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  3. returntrip

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Been super busy with work lately. Haven't been able to find enough time to do all the extra things I want to do but I'm pushing on and making this happen.

    Got in touch with my contact writer. I'll be getting my first batch of articles tonight/tomorrow. I'll be making these rich posts, adding videos, lots of images and just making the content really pop for my readers.

    I'm also working on getting SSL set up, and optimizing the site even more. Currently have pretty awesome scores according to GTmetrix.

    PageSpeed Score

    YSlow Score

    Really what I've been doing over the past week while I wait for more content is growing social accounts.

    ~450 Followers/2k+ following. Sent about ~200 likes for two of my own pins to establish some social proof. Seeing a little bit of traffic trickling in.

    I've been running page promotions to a post and the facebook page. Spent about $40 in total and got 25 page likes, 92 links and 94 shares for the post with a bunch of comments and a little bit of organic reach. It's my first time running a page promotion and I really just let it go to see when people we're really interacting with the posts. I got the most interaction on Tuesday and Friday.

    I'm also sharing posts from other blogs with authority on the page. It's too new for anyone to really give a shit yet though.

    Set up IFTTT to pull in some giphy content with my brand hashtag and url for some. This is pretty new so not much else going on here.

    Also, this was a site before looks like it was a PBN for someone as there are 5 sites 301'd to it. I'm not sure what to do about it. I figured I would just leave it as is for now and see if it has any affect on rankings. Once I get more content up and see how bots take in the site I'll probably see what I can do about it.
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