Guide for Newbies How To Create Stunning Landing Page That Will Sky-Rocket Your Revenues in 2016

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    As a true internet marketer, I know that you want your websites to look amazing. Nicely designed and uncluttered landing page is an essential key for keeping your audience’s attention, driving more traffic and reducing the bounce rate. After all, it’s what Google wants THE MOST in order to rank you faster in 2016: fast loading landing page and low bounce rate as the result.

    But you and I know that designing these kind of landing pages can be very costly. The average prices for single landing page are between $200-500. So let’s say you want to build multiple income stream with 10 websites and you are paying an average of $300 per site. That’s $3000 only for designing. But what about the additional expenses like buying themes ($60/each), SEO (over $200/each), plugins, graphics etc…


    You will end up with over $5000 in expenses.

    For just 10 websites, but what about 20 or 50? I don’t know about you, but where I come from, that’s a LOT of money!

    That’s why today I will show you a much cheaper way to avoid throwing away that kind of money. We will cover ALL essential parts from A to Z for building an AMAIZNG landing page all by yourself. Say goodbye to the unnecessary outsourcing expenses and take the matters in your own hands. You will save your time and your money in a great measure.

    This will be a long complete guide, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and fasten your seatbelt. It’s going to be a bumpy flight :)


    What You Need For Designing An Awesome Landing Page?

    • Hosting (recommended: SiteGround or cheaper one – iPage. I have experience with both of them, the support is amazing. Avoid HostGator!)
    • Domain (recommended: NameCheap, GoDaddy and 1and1. If you are first time customer you can even register your domain for $2-3. It is important that your domain and hosting are on separate servers from different companies)
    • Basic knowledge of WordPress. Our website will be dynamic and highly secured, so we will need to use WordPress. You don’t need to know HTML & CSS programming (even it might not hurt) but a basic knowledge of WordPress is required.
    • Responsive WordPress theme (You can find it on ThemeForest for example: X- The Theme, uDesign, The7, The Retailer, North etc… It is ideal if your theme supports the page builder: Visual Composer. In addition, you can use a theme from ElegantThemes which comes with their own page builder: Divi)
    • Page Builder: Visual Composer(We will be working with this page builder but you can also use: InstaBuilder or Divi)
    • A little patience and common sense!

    Basic Preparation Before The Actual Design

    I assume that you’ve already bought your hosting and domain, as well as you are done connecting them both with the DNS servers. Also you may already have installed the WordPress. If you don’t know how to do so, please write comment below this tutorial, I will briefly explain everything.

    I will be using the North WordPress theme ($59) and the page builder – Visual Composer ($34). Also I am on iPage hosting ($24) and I have registered domain on 1and1 ($9.17).

    So my TOTAL expenses are: $126.17!

    Seems a lot less, doesn’t it?

    Now, let’s first prepare for the actual design of our landing page…

    • Begin with installing the theme. Open your WordPress Dashboard by logging to www.yoursite/wp-admin and go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme.


    • Next, you need to install the Visual Composer plugin. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.


    • If you want to use opt-in for gathering emails from your audience, now it’s a good time to consider buying autoresponder: Aweber, iContact, GetResponse… Choose whichever suits you the most.

    • We will use free plugin for implementing the opt-in on your landing page: Optin Forms. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Search for Optin Forms. Install it and activate it. We will configure it later…



    Creating The Perfect Landing Page In 3…. 2…. 1!

    I will be using as an example one of my websites which is proven for bringing me a lot of traffic and huge revenues so far. The idea is to create a hybrid landing page which consist of video + sales letter. In my experience, this kind of sales letter converts THE MOST!

    The concept is as following:


    Remember: It’s optional to use opt-in if you choose this kind of hybrid sales letter. In fact, it’s better recommended instead of the opt-in box (the right area, next to the video) to use some action text with: headline, sub-headline and call-to-action button.

    If you want to use simple video sales letter just put your video on the left, and the opt-in on the right. No content below these elements is necessary.

    However, for this tutorial’s purposes I will show you how can you design the both kind of sales letters, by combining them into one sales letter. Remember that this is only for showing you how it’s done, in real life you can choose whether to:
    • Design simple video sales letter (VSL) with video on the left and opt-in box on the right or
    • Design hybrid sales letter with video on the left, action text on the right and full-width sales copy below these elements.

    Now, go to Pages -> Add New. Name it Home and click on BACKEND EDITOR. The visual editor will be opened and now you can start designing your landing page.

    Click Add Element and choose Row.


    The Rows in Visual Composer can be manipulated to contain all kind of elements within themselves. By clicking on the second button that is placed on the left upper corner of the row, you can choose how your row want to be split in order to position your elements accordingly.

    At this point we will use full-width row that will contain only the Text element. Click on the big + sign that is placed in the middle of your row and choose Text Block. Here we will put our headline and sub-headline. Follow my example…


    On this same row we will prepend another row below, in order to put our video and the opt-in. To do so we need to click on the little + sign bellow that says “Prepend to this column”. Choose Row.

    Now we will split the row in two equal parts. On the left will be our video and on the right will be the opt-in box. Here’s how to design it…


    Design The VSL Box And The Opt-In Box

    I assume that you have already created your video sales letter and upload it on YouTube. You can simply grab the embedded YouTube code and place it in Text Block or you can use a plugin called Youtube, for advanced features like: auto-play, responsive video, hiding controls etc.

    No matter what you choose, the procedure is simple; just use the Text Block to put your embedded YouTube code or the short-code from the YouTube plugin and you are good to go. Here’s how it would look like:


    Now in the right we need to put our opt-in. But we need to design it first. Open Optin Forms in new tab and connect it with your autoresponder. Autoresponders that are supported with this plugin are:
    • Aweber
    • iContact
    • MailChimp
    • GetResponse
    • Mail Mimi
    • Interspire Email Marketer

    Enter your credentials and click on the Form tab. Select Form design: 05.
    By selecting Form Options below, you can choose to hide the subtitle and the disclaimer.


    Play with the options in Style Your Forms and adjust the desired colors, font, text etc..

    From Form Placement below choose:
    • Don't display on posts and custom post types
    • Don't display on pages

    And copy the short-code: [optinform]

    Now get back to your landing page design and choose Text Block from the right column. Paste the short-code.
    Note: you can also use the HTML code generated by your autoresponder and just place it in the Text Block.

    Next, you have to put a nicely designed button below and you are done designing your simple VSL. Prepend another row below, click on the + sign and select Button. Design your button by choosing 3D look, rounded style, maybe some icon on it etc...


    Congratulations! Now you have functional video and opt-in box up and running!

    With that being done, we finished designing our simple video sales letter. Now you can play along and put some background on the Row if you want, or maybe put some additional images or animations. It’s all up to you. With Visual Composer you have unlimited customizations, as long as you are creative enough.

    Let’s see what we’ve actually designed so far.



    Design the Hybrid Video Sales Letter

    For this kind of sales letter the main difference is that we DON’T use opt-in. On its place we will use our action text and everything else remains the same.

    In addition, we will add more elements below the video. My designing practice is to use a nicely designed dividers as you can see from the image:


    The dividers can be easily created by adding new row, clicking on Edit this row on the right corner and playing with the Design options. Here’s how my nice divider can be easily done.


    In the actual Row just insert Text Block and add your heading (formatting is Heading 1)

    Now, we don’t want just to throw all text from our copy in one big paragraph. We will use the Zig-Zag technique for best display. The idea is to insert Row andsplit in 2 parts. First, in the left column we will add our image and on the right we will put our corresponding text.

    Next we will add another Row and split it in half. This time in the left column we will add our text and on the right we will put our corresponding image. And so on…


    To enhance even further the look and feel of your sales letter, you can add animation to your images. So the image on the left will fade in from left to right, and image on the right can fade in from right to left.


    If you want to design price table, you can add new Row split it in regarding how many products you want to show and start designing each box separately. You can add border to each column, background color, bullets and buttons. It’s really a matter of a little creativity and common sense.


    For the call-to-action you can use image or button. It’s up to you. Just add new row, insert Image or Button and add the link to the shopping cart. It’s really that simple.




    Nice job! You’ve designed an AWESOME landing page all by yourself.


    Final Words

    Visual Composer really provides all the features that you need to build a stunning landing page. From adding text, images and videos to customizing the borders, margins or paddings, you are not limited in any way. Just have some idea in your mind of how your landing page would like to look like and follow my tutorial for designing it. You will save a lot of money!

    I don’t know if I am allowed to show you my landing page how it looks like live, but I hope the administrators won’t mind.

    I’ve designed it in 4-5 hours, one month ago, just by myself and it brings me a huge amounts of traffic ever since. The bounce rate is also really low. In combination with caching plugin my landing page is fast enough and search engines love it.

    So my final words are not to re-invent the wheel and to copy something that is successful. I encourage you to copy my landing style or someone else’s that you know has proven results. You will end up with even more positive results!

    If you have any question, please comment below. I will gladly answer it. Also if you liked my guide I will write another one about perfect SEO optimization for our landing page with the latest 2016 SEO techniques.

    Also you can find it the printable version in PDF of this guide in attacment.

    For your success,

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    Thanks for the writeup I typically pay other people for everything but this looks like a dead simple way for me to test out some of the fun personal stuff I do. I'll be buying these tools/plugins.
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    Awesome!!! Thank You!