[Journal] Growing A Money Site Network To $10,000 A Month!

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    Feb 11, 2017
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    Zero Backlink Domain Word Counts

    Added Today = 3931
    Month To Date = 19,508
    Total = 87,174

    Average Word Count Per Post = 1,142

    Listened to Audible, finished book of the five rings.
    Updraft seems to have corrupted on my zero backlink domain somehow. Reinstalled it and it seems to be taking backups without issue again now.
    Ran out of ideas to write about for my zero back link site so I did some keyword research. This next batch of articles will actually be based around keywords rather than just my themed articles theory. I have kept the competition to what I would class as low when building my old style sites. They are a mix of how to, best of, review, and general information keywords.
    Deleted a bunch of projects from my rank tracker to clean it out. Screenshotted some stuff I wanted for a possible future video on the random ranking factor.
    Went to the gym.
    Typed up a few informational articles for the zero back linking domain.