Make Your Mobile App Development Phone Friendly with PhoneGap

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    Mobile application has been in demands since the launch of the Smartphone. Every day each and every mobile application developer tries to develop a unique and useful application to compete and beat their app rivals to bring their app in the top first row of the app stores. Most of the mobile application developers already adopted the latest mobile development framework and technology to make their apps compatible and popular amongst the targeted audiences. There are still numbers of developers who have not been aware of PhoneGap. Below I have mentioned most four advantages of PhoneGap that make your app phone friendly.

    Open Source:- PhoneGap, itself an open source framework. PhoneGap fundamentally works with open source software which enables the developers to use or change the publicly available source code for apps programming. One can easily develop a reliable and cost-effective mobile application with the help of PhoneGap.

    Mobile Platforms Compatibility:-Developers are being facilitated to develop cross-platform mobile applications by using CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. PhoneGap is compatible with most of all mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, blackberry, windows, Symbian, bada, WebOS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, etc. So according to me, the developer can effortlessly develop one smart mobile application for any Smartphone.

    Device-Specific Flexibility:-PhoneGap is not limited to any device-specific languages, with the extensive use of JavaScript and HTML, enables the developer to develop a mobile application like native apps. Such an application interface is flexible to support mobile features such as Geolocation, Sound enhancements, Accelerometer, Camera, Contacts, Media, Media and Network related features.

    Plug-Ins Extendibility:-
    PhoneGap lets the developer extend native plugins API to use enhanced JavaScript functionality. Mobile app developers are able to make necessary plug-ins as per the specific app requirement to ingress the capabilities of native functionality of a mobile device.
    Mobiloitte is a PhoneGap Application Development Company and that they take development to consecutive level with PhoneGap toolset, plugins, third-party tools, and therefore the framework integral SDKs.