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    Jul 18, 2018
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    Good day, everyone!

    I want to represent the first advertising network of push-notifications, which uses mobile and web- push (browser push) traffic for promoting products on the internet.

    Due to the growing image of push notifications, is a perfect platform to increase the recognition of the brand and sales of the product. The mobile users have obtained an opportunity to learn about your products and services on their devices.

    Taking into consideration the wishes of advertisers, offers unique possibilities to create effective advertisements.

    Unlike the other advertising platforms, offers:

    • High-quality traffic in massive amounts.

    • Ability to send push notifications to any country of your choice.

    • More than 7 million daily clicks.

    • High conversion rate.

    • Easy usage: from registration to running the first campaign will take only 10 minutes!

    • Easy moderation.

    • Inner tracking system: one can follow the ad campaign in a live regime.

    • Convenient price for payment with CPC model (0.001$).

    • 7% from referral program.

    • Direct delivery on the user’s device which eliminates the possibility of bot traffic.

    • Highly qualified customer support service.

    High-quality traffic will let advertisers attract any kind of auditorium of their choice. The platform lets choose various filters which provide them with a high conversion rate. The user only needs to specify the content of the advertisement campaign by taking into consideration the user’s needs receiving the notification. is a first rank advertisement format. It creates push notifications and provides maximal results.

    For more information follow the link: .
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    Aug 8, 2018
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    great content ! keep it up