Guide Niche Selection Process. I want your insights.

Discussion in 'Building Your Business' started by Hounat67, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. Hounat67

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    Dec 15, 2018
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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm starting a project like many on here are. I've given myself a one week deadline to choose my niche that has tons of money in it, I have a passion for, and I'm skilled at.

    In my opinion this is the first and most important aspect of the process. Selecting a subject on which I'll base my project on I.e. fitness, sports etc. isn't difficult, but I have to choose wisely.

    I have some steps, and procedures that'll guide me along this process. This includes selecting a subject, some market research, then an angle on that subject.

    What are some methods you used to help you progress quicker? I'd prefer to get started sooner, even though I shouldn't rush, and confidently choose my niche for my business idea.

    How did you determine confidently this is the niche for you? What was your success ultimately like?