Rosaline Ballesio, the fake businesswoman who offers fake products

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    Jan 20, 2019
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    Scammers are in the sight of any person, many times it is impossible to recognize them even when trying to analyze the personality of a woman or man with reliable appearance. This is what happens with Mrs. Rosaline Lai Ballesio, of Asian origin and resident in England, a world-class swindler who has teamed up with her own husband to use websites like btcmt4 in order to earn money easily and dirty. There are many complaints and complaints that have been received from different media, including from the web against these people who have developed a scam system that until now has given them millions of euros as a profit. Each complaint is sadder than the previous one and it is unfortunate that this type of people take advantage of those who wish to invest and progress in their investments, who trust them to swindle them. And not only that, Mrs. Rosaline Ballesio has been responsible for washing hands blaming the systems of the loss of money in each of the alleged services offered by their websites and not only that, it also does not provide answers as responsible for errors that could throw their systems, does not answer about failures or doubts. The effrontery of this woman to steal money is terrifying.