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Discussion in 'Case Studies and Journals' started by cardine, Dec 9, 2015.

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    I've been a part of many forums and online communities over the years and one things that made some of the best places stick out was the breadth of high quality case studies and journals that were consistently updated. Whether what you were planning worked or not, there is a lot that of value in seeing what you were doing and how it turned out.

    That value is not just for other users, but for you as well. While on these types of forums the people who've had the most success with their business were the people who stuck with it, whether things were going well or not. By creating a journal thread you are committing to yourself to continue to work on and update your progress, meaning that you are always pushing forwards.

    Because we think that these types of threads have such high value for both the people reading it, and the person posting it, we wanted to give an incentive to anyone who creates a case study or journal thread and consistently updates it.

    If you have a high quality thread in this section that you update at least twice a week with high quality updates, we will provide free access to several paid tools for you with no strings attached as long as you continue to update your thread. Currently the three products we can offer free access to are Microsite Masters, WordAi, and Article Forge and we are talking with other product owners to try to increase this number.

    So once you create a high quality thread and it has been updated with several high quality updates, contact one of our staff members and we will get you setup with free access to WordAi, Microsite Masters, and Article Forge!

    We think that the connections that you will forge and the accountability you will provide to yourself from posting a case study or personal journal thread makes it well worth it, but we wanted to do a little bit as well to help push you towards consistently working towards growing your business.
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